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A well-trained and effective workforce can make a big difference in the level of your company’s success. Whether you need personal, communication or leadership skills, Weaver Consulting, Inc., provides training programs that help people see what’s needed to make positive changes in performance and competence.

Benefits of predesigned workshops

  • Workshops are already designed and have proven to be effective.
  • Content can easily and cost-effectively be adapted to meet your specific needs and have greater impact for participants.
  • Participants gain hands-on experience to better retain what was learned.
  • Specific work examples can be incorporated so participants develop a high comfort level with the new material and are set for success in the real work environment.

If you’re looking for a specific program that is not listed here, Weaver Consulting can help design a program or help you facilitate a meeting.


“Nanci Weaver has been my ‘go-to’ trainer and consultant for various leadership development workshops and team development training. She knows how to keep learning activities varied and interesting for participants. Her background includes working with a wide variety of organizations, so it makes the pre-planning and development process go quickly and effectively as well. In my corporation, if I say that Nanci Weaver is the facilitator/trainer, I get fast buy-in and approval to move ahead.”
David Nice

Corporate Manager of OD and Training, High Industries

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