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Increase the effectiveness of your leaders with these critical skills.

Coaching to Success Workshop
The ability to increase the talent of your current workforce is directly related to your leaders abilities to develop employees. This one-day course develops leaders’ skills to coach employees to attain measurably higher performance levels and is appropriate for all leaders.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify characteristics of great coaches
  • Clarify your intent and organizational purpose
  • Identify coaching needs
  • Provide feedback for growth

Leadership 101 Workshop
Your leaders are critical to the success of your organization. This three-day course develops leadership skills for new leaders and supervisors.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify key leadership characteristics and roles
  • Define personal, organizational and team values
  • Understand self and others to better communicate and lead
  • Lead through organizational changes
  • Provide feedback and coaching
  • Listen to help and solve problems
  • Plan for success

Leading Change Workshop
In today’s organizations the ability to successfully lead others through critical changes is a must. This one-day course develops change management skills for all leadership levels, bringing about higher levels of acceptance and commitment.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify the natural cycle of change
  • Clarify personal attitude toward change
  • Create a plan for a successful change
  • Manage the change process
  • Lock the change in place

Facilitate Effective Meetings Workshop
How many hours and days are wasted in poorly planned and facilitated meetings? This one-day course develops meeting management and facilitation skills to improve the quality of meetings — decreasing wasted time and increasing organizational productivity.

Workshop Objectives

  • Prepare and plan for meetings
  • Define objectives and agenda
  • Facilitate meetings to reach desired outcomes
  • Encourage participation
  • Keep the meeting on track
  • Handle difficult situations or participants
  • Set follow-up plans and commitments

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